Paige discusses the bar fight with Alicia Fox during Comic Con Q&A session


During a Q&A session with the fans at the Wizard World Comic Con in Pittsburgh, former two time WWE Divas champion Paige addressed the bar fight from a week ago in Baltimore.

Paige said that she and Alicia Fox were signing karaoke and there was this drunk lady who kept taking videos of them. First they asked nicely to stop recording but the “drunk mess” didn’t listen and grabbed a drink and threw it at them.

“Luckily we had a drink to throw back,” Paige said as fans laughed. The drunk patron then threw another drink and Paige poured water on her in return.

All of a sudden a bunch of friends came over and one of them started poking Paige on the head. At that point everyone got ejected from the bar and Paige said it was hard not to fight back but she didn’t want to get fired from her job. Before getting thrown out of the building, the other party told Paige and Fox that they would see them outside…and they did see them outside as a brawl was about to start.

Eventually the other ladies backed down and told them that they would fight them…on another day.