Paige discusses career-ending injury and relationship with Sasha Banks


Speaking to, current Smackdown General Manager Paige discussed the match and move that ended her in-ring career last December.

While in a six-women tag team match, Paige got kicked in the back by Sasha Banks and couldn’t stand up. The match was called off after it was evident that there was something very wrong with her. “So I called this move and I told her to do it and so she did it, and unfortunately, my neck wasn’t strong enough and it snapped all the way back and it was essentially the same as having a really bad car crash, the whiplash was,” Paige said.

Paige said that she started losing the feeling in her arms and then wanted to stand up despite Sasha telling her to stay put. However, Paige thought she could do it and then fell straight back down when she was almost up on her two feet. “I’m like ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t feel my body right now, this is crazy and I was so petrified I was like ‘I think I’m paralyzed,'” she added.

Banks got a lot of heat from fans on social media for effectively ending Paige’s career. The abuse went on for a while but the first-ever NXT Women’s champion does not blame Sasha at all for what happened.

“She did not want to leave my side – like literally did not want to leave my side – and she was crying her eyes out. She said ‘I’m so sorry’ and I’m like ‘It’s not your fault, none of this is your fault,” Paige said, recounting the events that happened immediately after she went to the back.

Paige said that Sasha was devastated when she told her she couldn’t wrestle anymore weeks later. “She started crying, crying her eyes out. She’s just been so, so supportive. She always texts me like ‘hey, how are you doing, how things going?’ you know, and she’s just always been really great.”

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