Paige announced as the new Smackdown General Manager


Former WWE Divas champion Paige, who retired from in-ring competition on Raw 24 hours earlier, was named as the new Smackdown General Manager by Shane McMahon.

McMahon opened the show by first thanking the fans for coming to WrestleMania week and then announced that Daniel Bryan is now a full-time competitor so he had to resign from his post as Smackdown General Manager.

The Commissioner said that it was time to bring in a new GM for the show and introduced Paige to a big pop from the New Orleans crowd. Paige found herself in the same situation as Daniel Bryan, as in she’s still contractually obliged to work for WWE but cannot wrestle. Daniel Bryan was brought in as Smackdown GM in July of two years ago when the brand split happened, with Stephanie choosing Mick Foley to head up Raw and Shane choosing Bryan.

“Thank you Shane! Smackdown Live, you’re my house now,” Paige tweeted after the segment.