Paige also suspended for 30 days for Wellness Program violation


WWE announced that former WWE Divas champion Paige has also been suspended for 30 days for her first violation of the Wellness Program. Her suspension is effective starting today, August 18.

Yesterday the company also said that Alberto Del Rio was suspended for 30 days for his first strike and the timing is interesting considering both Paige and Del Rio are dating in real life. Whether the two cases are connected or it’s simply coincidence is up in the air at the moment.

The suspensions of both Paige and Del Rio fell on Paige’s 24th birthday. The Brit has been nursing back and shoulder problems lately and has not appeared on WWE television lately. She was drafted to Raw while Del Rio was drafted to Smackdown, possibly WWE’s way of trying to break them up by placing them on different brands.

Paige has been active on social media due to her birthday but has not mentioned anything about the suspension.