Out-of-character Rusev and Lana entertain on ESPN’s SportsCenter


An out-of-character Rusev and Lana appeared on ESPN’s Off The Top Rope with Jonathan Coachman last night during SportsCenter for the weekly WWE segment and just in case you haven’t seen it, Rusev absolutely killed it!

Known for his funny tweets, the Bulgarian Brute was equally funny talking with The Coach and answering the questions. Coach didn’t take long to ask…”How did it happen!?” referring to the two hooking up. Rusev asked him to clarify, obviously knowing Coach meant how a beautiful girl like Lana ended up with him. “Look to your left,” Coach replied!

The two talked about their international background and watching WWE when they were younger, WrestleMania and then Coachman transitioned to a quick Q&A. “What’s your favorite part of traveling together,” he asked. Rusev quickly chimed in. “Nighttime,” he said as Coach laughed. “What’s the worst part of traveling together?” Rusev once again jumped in. “Daytime,” he answered as everyone burst out laughing.

You can see the video at http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=espn:16405971.