Oops! Flair tells Nattie to “kill herself” during Smackdown segment


Things got a little heated last night at the Smackdown tapings and Ric Flair got caught up in the moment during a segment where he told Nattie Neidhart to “kill herself.”

Flair, along with his daughter and WWE Women’s champion Charlotte, were guests on The Ambrose Asylum to further the storyline with Natalya. At one point, Nattie told the Nature Boy that if he sticks his nose in her business on Sunday, her uncle Bret will have no problem taking him out.

Naitch then told Nattie, “…kill yourself, you’re outta your mind!” In the quick video released you can see Charlotte turning serious when he said the words and Ambrose in the background started laughing. Thankfully, Nattie kept professional and continued along however it’s highly unlikely the statement will make it in the final edit for Thursday’s broadcast and that part of the segment will be cut.

You can see the video below.