NXT TV report for 03/08/2022

Date: March 8, 2022
Arena: WWE Performance Center
City: Orlando, Florida

Women’s Dusty Cup: Raquel Gonzales and Cora Jade vs Dakota Kai and Wendy Choo in the Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament semi finals

The show kicked with the much-anticipated semifinals of the Dusty Rhodes Women’s Tag Team Classic. Fans have been looking forward to watching former partners, Gonzales and Kai, compete against one another.

While the match began with an impressive performance by both teams, audience members and television watchers alike were quickly distracted by doings outside the ring. Current Women’s Tag Team Champions, Toxic Attraction, ambushed Gonzales, injuring her leg, and leaving Jade to fight on her own for much of the match. Jade’s moves were quite impressive, however, the ambush may have distracted some viewers from catching them.

I would also like to give a shout to Wendy Choo. While her narcoleptic gimmick is quite ridiculous, her opponents would not want to be caught napping while fighting against her. If they are, they will quickly find themselves in a pickle.

However, it was Gonzales, who, mustering all her strength, managed to fight on one leg, but ended up being pinned giving Kai and Choo the win.

Winners: Dakota Kai and Wendy Choo

Tiffany Stratton vs Fallon Hanley

The segment should have been an opportunity for two relative newcomers, Stratton and Hanley, to show the fans what they can do. However, the powers that be didn’t, in my opinion, take advantage of prime opportunity to display talent. Rather than do so, they chose to use the match as another opportunity to begin a new feud.

At first, Stratton looked as though she would quickly overpower Hanley, however Sarray distracted Stratton allowing Hanley to get the pin. Stratton and Sarray began feuding last week when Sarray refused to give Stratton her prized necklace, which is said to have belonged to her Japanese grandmother. Because Sarray cost Stratton this match she and Stratton will fight one another next week.

Winner: Fallon Hanley

Parking lot segment involving the Creed brothers. Fans were taken to the parking lot where we saw the contenders for the men’s tag team championship, The Creed Brothers severely beaten in the parking lot. The assailants were unknown, however, the announce team had many speculations including Imperium the Creed’s opponents for the evening, and MSK the team that the Creeds had beat out for the opportunity. The Creeds were later declared unfit to compete in their match.

Grayson Waller vs LA Knight in a last man standing match

Last night, appeared to be the night for matches which were not won cleanly. Of course, we would expect nothing less during a Last Man Standing match, which has no disqualifications. Waller and Knight certainly took advantage of this rule.

The two used everything from trash cans to folding chairs to incapacitate the other. While the crowd seemed to be cheering for Knight, due to his superior wrestling ability, it was Waller who with the help of his bodyguard was able win the match.

Winner: Grayson Waller

Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray versus Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter in the Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament semi finals

Finally, we see a match which was won cleanly, and without any interference from outside parties. Both teams use impressive mat work as well as highflying maneuvers and pinfalls to try to outsmart or out compete their opponents. While Carter and Catanzaro used of all their impressive teamwork to great effect, the veteran team won this time. Although, I’m sure will be seeing more of Carter and Catanzaro.

Winners: Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray

Imperium vs MSK

This is yet another example of a match which did not have a clean finish. An intense match between worthy groups of competitors was ruined by an ambush. Although the Creed Brothers appeared to be injured earlier in the night, they gain strength in order to cause Imperium to win via DQ. I think the match would be better as scheduled.

Winners: Imperium

Bron Breakker vs Tommaso Ciampa vs Dolph Ziggler triple threat match for the NXT title

This match would have been an excellent opportunity for the new NXT to triumph over the old. Bron Breakker could have put the old guys through the paces to prove that the new brand is the best one after all. That seemed to be where the storyline was headed. I will have even been satisfied if Ciampa would have won establishing a return to the black and gold era.

However, neither of those happened, instead, Dolph Ziggler, who is in fact a Raw Superstar, came in to rob the brand of its championship. In my opinion, this made both brands of NXT look weak and established Raw as the superior show.

Winner: And new NXT champion Dolph Ziggler

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