nWo reunion planned for Hogan’s RAW birthday bash


Are you ready for an nWo reunion? Well get ready because it looks like it’s going to happen this coming Monday on RAW.

To celebrate Hulk Hogan’s 61st birthday, WWE is bringing back Superstars who had a big impact in Hogan’s career and both Scott Hall and Kevin Nash are scheduled to appear.

WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall posted a series of tweets yesterday hinting about what’s planned for the show. “Somebody say sumthin bout an nWo reunion….. #RAW,” Hall said.

He then posted a photo of a message from a fortune cookie that reads “Opportunity awaits you next Monday,” followed by a photo of himself, Nash, and Hogan, in nWo gear talking to Vince McMahon backstage from years ago. This would be Hall’s first appearance on RAW in over a decade.

Other surprises are in the plans as well although we don’t have confirmation of who else is showing up for sure.