Northeast weather might pose problems for Raw and Smackdown


WWE just got out of Philly in time as a snow storm is expected to hit the area today but they’re driving right into what meteorologists are saying is a “life-threatening” and “historic” storm that is about to batter the Northeast in the next few days.

Raw tonight is in Hartford, Connecticut, while Smackdown tapings on Tuesday are in Boston, Massachusetts, and both cities are under a blizzard warning watch with extreme weather predicted.

With flights canceled throughout the Northeast and dangerous roads, it might be a big problem for WWE to get to the next cities especially since all equipment is moved via several trucks. The blizzard will also pose problems for those who will be attending the shows as roads might be closed or big traffic will prevent fans from arriving on time for the events.

So far WWE has not posted anything regarding the weather so as of this writing everything is still a go for tonight and tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy just announced a travel ban on state roads which will go into effect at 9PM as the state is facing up to 30 inches of snow and 65 miles per hour winds. The transit bus service is also canceled after 8PM and street parking is prohibited from 3PM onwards.