Nikki Bella suffers wardrobe malfunction on RAW


It was bound to happen sooner or later. Brie Bella had a nip slip on RAW last year but not to be outdone by her twin sister, Nikki had a nip slip on RAW last night for all the opposite reasons her sister had one last year!

When you combine a very tight outfit and pack a large rack inside, well, accidents do happen. And that’s what happened to ‘fearless’ Nikki Bella as she fought four of her fellow Divas – Cameron, Eva Marie, Alicia Fox, and Rosa Mendes.

After Nikki was thrown out of the ring and she hit the mat something that shouldn’t have popped out popped out and the guys back in the truck took a few seconds to realize that female nipples shouldn’t be visible on a TVPG show!

In case you took a bathroom break during the Divas segment, we got you covered, and you can see at the wardrobe malfunction below.