Nikki Bella off to the WWE Performance Center as return to the ring awaits


In a short message on Twitter, Nikki Bella said that she got “good news from the doc,” and then posted a photo of the WWE Performance Center as her “next stop.”

Nikki had her last scan on her neck yesterday, six months after undergoing surgery, to see if the doctors would clear her to return to the ring. Her tweet suggests that she got the green light and now it’s back to train to dust off the ring rust.

The former WWE Divas champion was not part of the WWE Draft so she could eventually pop up on any brand once she’s cleared by WWE.

Her good friend and Total Divas cast mate Natalia also posted a photo of the two together writing, “Celebrating with @thenikkibella after her good news.” She also said that she’s proud of her for staying strong throughout the whole ordeal.