New WWE title makes its debut on RAW


The WWE spinner title that is attributed to John Cena is no more as a new WWE belt made its debut last night on RAW.

Taking a more “traditional” look than any of the past few WWE titles, the new belt features a very large center plate with a huge WWE logo and “champion” written in the bottom. The outer ring of the plate is all “diamonds.”

On each side of the big center plate are two other plates, which feature a brahma bull. Previous WWE titles featured 4 plates apart from the big center one, and one of them even had five, but the new title has only three just like the World Heavyweight title.

The spinner WWE title was introduced in 2005 after John Cena became the WWE champion. It remained the same since then except for when Edge was a champion and had his own Rated-R spinner title.

You can see a photo of The Rock posing with the new title below.