New theme song, set, and graphics for first Raw post-WWE Draft


There was a new theme song, somewhat of a different set, new graphics, and a new location for the three announcers, who are no longer sitting at ringside.

The new theme song is by the band Shinedown and WWE is using the song Enemies from the band’s fourth studio album titled Amaryllis. Enemies replaces The Night by Kromestatik which has been Raw’s theme song since 2012.

The set resembles a previous SummerSlam set and while the regular TitanTron screen and LED entrance are still present, there’s some extra additions that gave it a different look than the usual set that we’ve been seeing since WWE switched to HD broadcasts.

The announcers – Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton – lost their ringside spot which means you won’t see any more table spots, at least not at ringside. The commentary team is now off to the right side of the entrance close to where the WWE logo is located on the stage. This is not the first time that the Raw commentary table was moved to the back as in 2003 and 2004 the commentators also had to do play-by-play from afar.