Natalya discusses new Total Divas cast member Mandy


Speaking to British-based website to promote the upcoming season of Total Divas, Natalya said that she likes the new kid on the block – Mandy from this year’s Tough Enough – even though the former contestant got a lot of flack during the reality show where she placed second.

“Joining Total Divas I didn’t know how she would be, because everybody’s really nice when you first meet them – but so far I really get along with her,” Nattie said. She called her very genuine although if you look at her she could be anything but due to the “awesome body” and just based on how she looks.

“But I feel like she brings the right attitude. After spending time with her I feel like she’s really genuine. I feel like she makes a great cast member,” the former Divas champ added.

Mattie said that she endorsed her because so far she has treated her with respect and when she trained with her at the WWE Performance Center she wanted to work hard. “Granted yes, she’s human. She’s going to make all sorts of rookie mistakes because that’s what we all do when we’re new,” she concluded.

Total Divas returns on January 19 at 9PM EST on E! while it debuts on UK’s E! on January 24 at 6PM.