Natalya added to the Smackdown Survivor Series women team


There will be no surprise entries in the Smackdown women’s team at the Survivor Series as Smackdown Commissioner Shane McMahon announced today that the last remaining spot vacated by Charlotte Flair will be filled by Natalya.

“Competition drives every #SDLive Superstar. Even in defeat, @NatbyNature proved herself to be a fierce competitor and will be an asset to Team Smackdown’s 5 on 5 #SurvivorSeries Team. Let’s go to work, Nattie,” McMahon wrote on Twitter.

Natalya was on the card to take on Alexa Bliss in the champion vs champion match but things changed on Tuesday when Charlotte Flair defeated Natalya to become the new Smackdown Women’s champion. Charlotte, who was on the Smackdown team, took Natalya’s spot, but the fifth remaining member was never announced until today.