More on the backstage incident that led to Del Rio getting fired is reporting that Alberto Del Rio got in trouble after a remark from another WWE employee was deemed racist and he took matters in his own hands as payback.

The story allegedly went that WWE’s social media manager of live events was eating backstage and was told to clean the plate after finishing. In a smart-ass remark, the manager said that it was Del Rio’s job to wipe the plate, a remark which Mexicans would find offensive and even racist.

Del Rio wasn’t present when this happened but word got to the former WWE champion and he wasn’t pleased at all with what was said about him. Del Rio found the guy backstage and told him to apologize for the remark and when he refused to take back what he said, Del Rio slapped him.

Management wasn’t happy with Del Rio’s actions and fired him a few days later. No word if the other employee was punished for his remark.