Monday Night War series finale on WWE Network tonight


The much-praised WWE Network original series Monday Night War has its series finale tonight on the WWE Network with the last episode titled “Life After Wartime”.

The series premiered on August 22 and in total 20 episodes were produced to showcase the WWE vs WCW war that went on between 1995 and 2001.

The Monday Night War on the WWE Network looked at the rise of the nWo, D-Generation X, the arrival of the Attitude Era, ECW’s mark on the war, the cruiserweights taking over WCW, Goldberg’s streak, The Rock, the emergence of the Divas, celebrities and more.

The synopsis for today’s final episode reads, “The war comes to a shocking conclusion, upstaged only by the talents that cross enemy lines in the years that follow.”

The series is narrated by American film, TV, and voice actor Keith David.