Monday Night Raw TV report for 12/29/2014

Tonight is the last Raw of 2014! Hopefully, it will be much more exciting than last week’s, and end off the year with a bang! What will go down, as we continue the build towards Royal Rumble? Will be there any surprise appearances? How about a title change or two? All of the above, would be great, so let’s read on to find out!

Monday Night Raw TV Report for December 29th, 2014

Introduction Segment: Video Promo

A reflective video of Edge’s retirement speech from April 11th, 2011 is shown, then the announcement that he and his long-time friend and tag-team partner Christian will be hosting Raw!

Segment #2: Welcoming and Arena Promo

Michael Cole welcomes us to Raw, then Edge and Christian make their long-awaited return. They both want to finish Raw well, so but Christian wants to have a guest on his “Peep Show.” Edge debates this, saying it should be “The Cutting Edge” instead; they both finally agree to combine and go with “The Cutting Edge Peep Show.” Edge decides that the first guest will be “the self-proclaimed ‘Future Of The WWE’” Seth Rollins, but not being interviewed; instead he will be facing Roman Reigns! Christian then books a match, a Champion VS. Champion match, with United States Champion Rusev taking on Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler! Christian then gets a vote on Daniel Bryan, to a very loud pop of course, and says he will be out later tonight to talk about his career.

Before they can go on, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar and his advocate, Paul Heyman, interrupt (again, to a loud pop!). Pual E. has the microphone and inquires to both Edge and Christian with their severe life-threatening injuries “would swim in the shark-infested waters that are inhabited by the biggest, most unmerciful predator in the WWE Universe, the reigning and defending WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar.” Heyman might have put them at ease, by invoking that Lesnar is not interested in them, but in a “fresh” body, his challenger at the Royal Rumble, John Cena.

The man himself now walks out and face a smirking “Beast Incarnate.” Everyone in the ring listens to the barrage of “Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks” chants. Cena keeps it short and sweet, telling Lesnar he doesn’t want to “knock him clean into 2015” to avoid Brock having a reason as to why he is not 100%, then goes to attack Heyman! Lesnar runs at John, who catches him in an A.A. position, but the WWE World Heavyweight Champion wiggles out and retreats with Heyman to the back.

Up next is the Champion VS. Champion contest!


Match #1: Intercontinental Champion “The Show-Off” Dolph Ziggler VS. United States Champion Rusev (with Lana) (Non-Title)

This contest begins with Rusev rushing Ziggler into the corner and kicking away at him. Ziggler fires back with punches, but Rusev rams him with shoulders. Rusev starts to dominate, dropping repeated elbows like Dolph. He clamps on a grounding submission, but Ziggler breaks out of it with a sit-down jawbreaker and an uppercut! He leaps onto Rusev but it tossed off, however Dolph slides under and nails a high-dropkick then a leaping-DDT! Rusev goes to the outside for a break.


The United States Champion is back in control, wearing him down with the same submission as a above, but Ziggler punches out and jawbreaks him naturally, then twice with the ropes! The I.C. champ flies off the turnbuckle with a crossbody, but Rusev catches him! Dolph gets out of it and puts Rusev to the mat with another diving dropkick from the turnbuckle! Ziggler ducks a clothesline and plants Rusev with a Fameasser for a near-fall!

Rusev attempts a backdrop, but Dolph flips out and goes for a superkick, however Rusev catches him and spins him abroad the ring! Dolph tries again and manages this time to hit the superkick for a two! Rusev bullies Dolph again, repeatedly stomping him and using the ropes, which forces the referee to call for the bell!

Winner via Disqualification: Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler

Post-match, Rusev continues to beat on Ziggler, and locks on The Accolade Camel Clutch submission, using the ropes. Referees try to break hi up, but to no avail. Rusev eventually lets go, and then faces a “big” challenge from Ryback! “The Big Guy” charges down and fends off Rusev and his cohort Lana, then helps Ziggler up and stands tall.

The commentators announces that the Tag-Team Championships will be on the line later, as Champion Miz and Mizdow will defend against The Usos!


Segment #3: Arena Promo

Ryback is (surprisingly) still in the ring. He talks about his career in WWE so far, which all started with the “Million Dollar Tough Enough” over 10 years ago (2004, I believe.) Ryback says after being eliminated (footage was shown, and then he was known as Ryan Reeves), he “fell into a deep depression.” He was embarrassed by not getting the job done and did not speak to his family for nearly a year because of that guilt. Ryback says all he had was WrestleMania DVDs in his apartment and those refreshed him on what he didn’t have. However, it all changed after reading a book called “The Secret” about positivity and changing your mind/life for the better. Ryback says he was brought back to WWE, where he debuted as Skip Sheffield with The Nexus. (Cheers, then footage is shown.) His career stalled again, as he broke his ankle in three places shortly after (he asks the cameraman to go close-up on his leg scar) Following recovery, Skip Sheffield re-debuted as Ryback. All this has lead to Ryback being who he is, and now it is a “big guy kicking another big guy’s ass thing” between him Rusev.


Match #2: Single – Natalya (with Tyson Kidd) VS. Divas Champion Nikki Bella (with Brie Bella) (Non-Title)

Nikki sweeps up Natalya right away and punches, but Natalya makes a comeback. She shoves Nikki off the apron, to which Tyson caught! Nikki smiles at Tyson, but Natalya is not pleased with her husband. Nikki takes advantage, finishing Natalya with the “Rack Attack” (dropdown Torture Rack)!

Winner via Pinfall: Divas Champion Nikki Bella

Segment #4: Backstage Promo

Tag-Team Champions Miz and Danien Mizdow are talking when Naomi suddenly comes up and hugs Miz. They both as Mizdow to leave, then Naomi gives her gratitude for Miz getting her music career started. She walks off and leaves Miz with a puzzled look.


Match #3: Tag-Team for the Tag-Team Championship – The Usos (Jimmy and Jey) VS. The Miz and Damien Mizdow (Champions)

After formal introductions, Jimmy starts out with Miz, hurrying him into the turnbuckle. Miz hits back hard with furious punches and stomps. Naomi is shown watching on backstage. Jimmy takes control and splashes Miz in the corner, then tags in his brother. Both Usos work over Miz until Miz catches a rocketing Jey and jawbreaks him on the ropes. (Loud “we want Mizdow” chants break out.)


Miz is still in control over Jey, then teases the fans on switching with Mizdow. Jey gets the hot-tag to Jimmy, who gives a Samoan drop to Miz and tosses Mizdow over the ropes. Jimmy soars over the ropes onto Miz, but in the ring is caught with a kick and DDT by “The Awesome One!” Jimmy counters with an uppercut, then spirals off the top with a twisting plancha! 1 – 2 – Miz gets the shoulder up! Miz manages to trip Jimmy up and turn his legs into the Figure 4! Jimmy fights it and inches his way to the rope; he clasps on for the break!

Miz tries the Leglock again, but Jimmy reverses into a Tequila Sunrise (former WWF/WCW star Konnan’s submission). Mizdow breaks it up, but is shoved into a superkick, by his own partner! Jey superkicks Miz and Superfly Splashes him, but Miz gets his knees up to block and drives him down with the Skull-Krushing Finale! 1 – 2 – Jey raises his shoulder! A great close-up of a shocked Miz is shown, then he is quickly taken down by both Usos. They double-superkick him, then Jimmy flies off with The Superfly! 1 – 2 – 3!

Winners and NEW Tag-Team Champions: The Usos (Jimmy and Jey)

Post-match, Naomi runs out and celebrates with her Husband and Brother-In-Law. Jerry “The King” Lawler conducts an interview, where Jey happy to reign again, and Jimmy and Naomi reveal that their “issues” were a ploy all along to swerve The Miz, which obviously worked!

Segment #5: Video Promo

With Seth Rollins scheduled to take on Roman Reigns later tonight, a montage of their history is aired.


Match #4: Single – Cesaro VS. Bad News Barrett

Cesaro is in the ring, sitting in the corner with a towel over head kind of like former WWF, ECW, and WCW star Raven. Cesaro rants on how 2014 was not the year it was supposed to be for him.

“Bad News” quickly punishes Cesaro with a backbreaker and knee-choke on the ropes, then knees and boots him to the outside. He runs at Cesaro, who catches him and smashes his face against the barricade. Cesaro follows up with a top-rope axe-handle dive for a two-count, then pounds away on Wade. He works on the injured shoulder of Barrett, then goes for repeated German-suplexes. Barrett countered with an elbow, but Cesaro hits back with a clothesline and fierce punches. Barrett nails Cesaro in the gut with a kick then a clothesline, but Cesaro tries a comeback with a Cesaro-Swing. Barrett manages to get the upperhand, literately, as he knocks Cesaro down with The Bullhamer Elbow for the victory!

Winner via Pinfall: “Bad News” Barrett

Segment #6: Backstage Promo

Luke Harper cuts a Bray Wyatt-esque oratory, saying that people like him have always been shunned, but he is “your nightmare.”

Segment #7: Video Promo

“The Ascension Will Rise Tonight!”

Match #5: Single – “The Real American” Jack Swagger VS. Luke Harper

Harper dominates the bout until Swagger dumps Luke to the floor and gives him a running shoulder-block.


Luke is back in control, wearing Jack down with a submission then delivering a big boot. He covers, but Jack kicks out! “The Real American” starts to make another comeback, chop-blocking Harper and slamming him within an amateur-type suplex. He attempts to grapple The Patriot Lock Ankle Lock, but Harper gets out of it and gives him a superkick! Swagger manages to dropdown and clutch Luke in the Patriot Lock, but Harper grabs the ropes. Jack bounces off the middle rope with a Swaggerbomb, but Harper had gotten his boots up, then bashes Swagger with a discus clothesline and takes this bout!

Winner via Pinfall: Luke Harper

Segment #8: Locker Room Promo

Edge, Christian, and John Cena are reminiscing about Cena and Edge’s long-standing feud, until Christian makes an off-hand remark about Edge beating up John’s dad. Christian awkwardly leaves, but Cena gives Edge his credit for both of them putting on a show “night-after-night.” They hug and Cena walks off.

Roman Reigns makes his entrance for his match against Seth Rollins, next!


Match #6: Single – Roman Reigns VS. “Mr. Money In The Bank” Seth Rollins (with J & J Security)

(Note: The Big Show also came out and is on commentary.) Roman begins with a standing side-headlock and whipping Rollins off the ropes, then giving him a shoulder-block. Seth takes a quick break to the outside with Noble and Mercury. Reigns continues to dominate in the ring, flipping Rollins from the apron to the canvas then arm-locking him. Seth gets the quick jump on Reigns, slamming his head to the mat and stomping away. He works him over with a grounding rear chinlock, but Roman battles out with a couple blows, then a jumping roll-up for two! He turns the roll-up into a powerbomb, which puts Rollins to the outside. Reigns follows and intimidates Mercury and Noble a couple times. He nails Rollins with the floor-to-apron front-dropkick, but Seth gains advantage again after Noble and Mercury helped.


Rollins is back to the mat with the rear chinlock, and turns a suplex attempt into a chop-block. Seth flatlines Reigns into the middle turnbuckle, but Roman catches Rollins with a turn-around gutwrench slam! Both men are down, then lock up to get to their feet. They punch at each other, then Reigns hits a flying clothesline! He one-arm slams Seth for a two-count and continues to dominate. He catches Rollins’ kick and flips him over, but Rollins lands on his feet and hits an Enziguri! 1 – 2 – Reigns lifts his shoulder! Rollins is measuring Reigns and goes for The Curb Stomp; he misses and they trade back-and-forth until Reigns hits The Superman Punch! Reigns roars for The Spear, but The Big Show pulls him put of the ring, causing the bell to signal.

Winner via Disqualification: Roman Reigns

Post-match, Show punches and hurled Reigns across the announce table! He then turns over the structure onto Roman, which is speculated that he is “seriously hurt.”


Segment #9: Backstage Promo

Rollins, Noble, and Joey are happy with The Big Show’s actions, then Seth says he is going to ask John Cena to be a part of The Cutting Edge Peep Show for a “New Year’s Toast.”


Segment #10: Video Promo

The rivalry between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt is recapped with footage dating back to Hell In The Cell in October.

It is then announced that next year (ok, really next week on Raw, hehe; wanted to make that joke!) Bray and Dean will collide in an Ambulance Match!

Segment #11: Backstage Promo

Bray Wyatt prophesies in an ambulance. “To a place, where life both begins and ends. Everything in this life must come full circle, eventually. And you and I Dean, we have reached the point of no return. This, this is where our great journey ends. It’s too late for you, Ambrose. it’s too late for you, man. They will not be able to resuscitate him, because he is already dead, and I, I alone, have his soul. I have his soul.” Wyatt laughs maniacally and the ambulance blares its sirens, driving away.

Daniel Bryan is hugging R-Truth and Tag-Team Champions The Usos, and will be out next!


Segment #12: Arena Promo

Daniel Bryan makes another return to an ovation, then stands in the ring seemingly happy. “You know, it’s an honor to come out here and be here for Raw, the last Raw of 2014. but it’s always an honor to be in this ring, every single time. Who would’ve thought that a small kid from Aberdeen, Washington, who was always labelled a ‘B+ Player,’ who would’ve thought that that guy could’ve main-evented WrestleMania? Nobody. Nobody, except you guys. Thanks to you, I got the opportunity to beat Triple H, Randy Orton, Batista, all in one night in front of seventy-five-thousand people to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship! That opportunity was given to me by you guys, and I could never repay you for that.

Five days after WrestleMania, I married the woman of my dreams, and that was the greatest week of my life. But then everything changed; when we got back from our honeymoon two days later, my dad died. And uh, I wasn’t there for him, because I was here, wrestling. And then a month after that, I had a career-changing injury that required surgery, and the doctors didn’t know what was wrong; they couldn’t fix me. And all I could do was sit at home on my couch and watch. And all I wanted to do was be in this ring because being in front of you guys is the only thing that has ever taken the pain away. Because this is what I love, this is what I’ve dreamed of my entire life, is coming out here and performing in front of all of you.

I don’t think there is anybody who cheered louder than I did when Dolph Ziggler pinned Seth Rollins and sent The Authority out of power. It was a great moment, but it hurt, because I couldn’t be here for that. And the doctors didn’t have any answers. I talked to my friends, I talked to my family. I even called Edge, who knows a thing or two about career-ending, life-altering injuries. And you get to a point when you have to make a decision on whether or not; (loud “No, no, no” chants are heard) you get to a decision, you get to a time when you have to make a decision, whether all of this is worth it or not. And because you guys have supported me my entire career, I made a special request so I could come out here and make this announcement in front of all of you – is my career over? …..


Bryan rejoices with the fans in thunderous “yes” chants!

Segment #13: Office Promo

Edge and Christian are goofing around when Miz and Mizdow enter, complaining about their loss. They want a rematch, and get it, but not against the Tag-Team Champions, The Usos. They will know up next!


Match #7: Tag-Team – The Miz and Damien Mizdow VS. ???

Miz and Damien away their opponents, who are the main-roster-debuting The Ascension. Connor and Viktor completely decimate Miz and Mizdow, finishing them with “The Fall Of Man” combo, a sweeping-running-uppercut!

Winners via Pinfall: The Ascension (Connor and Viktor)

Segment #14: Backstage Promo

Rene Young wants to confirm that Seth Rollins is asking John Cena to join The Cutting Edge Peep Show. Rollins does this, and also wants WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar to join them.


Segment #15: Arena Promo

Edge and Christian are in the ring, and bring out Seth Rollins, who is followed by Noble and Mercury. Christian and Edge make fun of Rollins, but retorts by sucking up to the long-time tag-team. E & C aren’t buying it, but Rollins tries again. He questions them on who has had a more successful 2014 other than him, but Edge and Christian a few others first.

Rollins promises not to be a “party-pooper” and wants to turn a new leaf. He then asks his “good friend” The Big Show to be at the party, and the 7-Footer does so. Seth now requests John Cena, but the former “Dr. Of Thug-A-Nomics” does not appear. Rollins confesses that he covets something of John’s and keeps demanding for him to show. Seth then makes Cena come out, by slugging Christian with the Money In The Bank briefcase, then pinning Edge down in a Curb-Stomp position.

Cena runs to the ring, but is stopped by the threats of Rollins permanently disabling Edge. Seth continues to egg him on and wants to find out if Cena is “the phony that I’ve been calling out for months, or are you the ‘real deal,’ John?” “John, bring The Authority back. Bring them back, John, or I promise, I will paralyze this man and it will be on your conscience for the rest of your stinkin’ life. Don’t take another step.”

John orders Seth to stop, then Noble gives Cena a microphone. Cena nods and agrees to rehire The Authority. Rollins is jubilant, but is going to hurt Edge anyway. John jumps in the ring, but is fastly mauled by Show and Rollins. They and J & J Security stand tall over a prone Cena, then walk to the back. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman walk out and shake hands. The Authority now joins them, champagne in hand. They all pose and celebrate on the stage as Raw fades to black for the last time in 2014!

End Of Raw.

Reporter’s Rumblings – By Moe Tapp

This was an awesome Raw and a tremendous way to conclude 2014! The show flowed really well start-to-finish and I thoroughly liked it! Onto the analysis:

Excellence: Edge and Christian hosting Raw, right from the get-go with their comedy shtick. “Their” booking was also very nice, as it presented Raw to be loaded from the beginning; a great way for the last episode of the year!

While I thought Ryback’s promo was misplaced (he is in the middle of a feud, and this type is usually to start one or right after one finished) he was very well-spoken and seemed very candid. I hope he gets some more love after this, as it was a much-improved mike-talk.

The amount/quality of matches on the show! From the opening Champion VS. Champion contest, to the Reigns/Rollins bout, most were well-wrestled; particularly the Tag-Team Championship! Speaking of which, that was a nice little surprise for the Tag-Titles to change hands. I was somewhat facetious with my introductory comments about a championship switch for the last Raw, but was pleased they actually did do it! A couple other surprises were cool too, especially the return of “Bad News” Barrett. I wish for him to have a soaring year in 2015 and major push!

Looking forward to the Ambulance Match next week; it will be brutal for Ambrose and Wyatt!

Super-glad that Daniel Bryan’s career isn’t over; I know it was sketchy for a while, but I’m happy he can come back from injury. I wish him all the best and to retain the top spot at some point soon in 2015.

The closing segment was well-done overall. Rollins has been super-hated every week since his betrayal of The Shield, but tonight’s actions will surely rocket him to #1 Heel.

Bogus: Enjoying the feud between Nikki and Natalya, but didn’t like how short their match was. Should’ve gone longer, and I hope the rivalry goes on. However, where was Paige and A.J. Lee? Missing them again is not good!

While I loved the return of “Bad News,” I was unhappy that Cesaro got fed the loss/job after a pretty-decent promo. I figured he might be onto another good push and restart after his speech. Also, love The Ascension; they were awesome in NXT, but judging from their video promos and style, I believe they should’ve been heels; better fit. Still intrigued to see what they’re going to do on the main roster.

Again, I was surprised but disappointed The Authority returned; I think they should’ve saved them until next week and let the speculation of what they will do.

Overall, I was quite jovial with this Raw and thought it was one of the better in recent times. Great episode to close out 2014!

On that note, I would like to wish you all reading this a Happy New Year, and best-wishes and blessings for 2015! Until next week/year, Be Excellent Wrestling-Online Readers and Wrestling Fans!


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