Monday Night Raw TV report for 10/26/2015

“Hell” ended just over 24-hours ago, but honestly, there wasn’t much “hell” going on. Straight-up, it was a lacklustre Pay-Per-View/Network Show that you would see on a weekly basis of Raw. The only two good happenings were one SHOCKING return and the main-event match itself; neither of which I will spoil for those who have not saw and/or read about, and are waiting until Raw. So with that, read on to find out all that went down at Hell In A Cell!

Monday Night Raw TV Report for October 26th, 2015 – “‘Good Friends, Better Enemies’ Part 3”

Introduction Segment: Arena Promo

Michael Cole greets us to Raw from San Diego, California. The theme of The Authority blasts the speakers as COO Triple H and Principal Owner Stephanie McMahon strut out. They tout their happiness with Hell In A Cell, and in particular Seth Rollins, who retained his WWE World Heavyweight Championship over “Demon” Kane.

The Champ walks out and has a big smile on his face. Steph and Trips remind Rollins of the tough road he has had for almost seven months since WrestleMania XXXI when he won the title. Steph says he has surpassed their expectations and lived up to what they want in a WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He gives both a big hug and puts them over.

However, both McMahon and Helmsley state that there is no one left at the moment who has a right to face Seth for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. “The Game” has a solution though; he says that all who won their matches last night (minus the Divas, I presume) will compete throughout the evening to earn a spot in a Fatal-4-Way main-event; the winner of that match then will take on Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

One of the winners at Hell In A Cell now interrupts. Roman Reigns walks through the crowd and meets the trio in the ring. He says that he is tired of what is going on and declares that he will be the one to wrestle Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Stephanie announces “well then, ‘let the games begin’!” Reigns will have his match next!


Match #1: Single to Qualify for the Fatal-4-Way – Roman Reigns VS. Tag-Team Champion Kofi Kingston (with Tag-Team Champion and New Day partner Big E.)

Kofi twirls around with a hammerlock and headlock, then hits a dropkick after sliding under Reigns. He clamps on another standing side-headlock, but Roman shoves him off into the ropes and gives him a shoulder-block. Kingston leapfrogs a couple times, but is kicked hard and brought to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker! Kingston goes to the outside for a break.


Roman is still in control, suplexing Kofi from the apron to the ring! Kingston counters with an elbow and kick, but gets a couple clotheslines in return! Kofi is back on the floor, and Roman follows but is blocked by Big E. This allows Kofi to get back in the ring and give Roman a baseball slide and take over.

The Tag Champ mount-punches Roman, then delivers fists in the corner and a running forearm! He tries to wear down Reigns with a grounding rear chinlock, but Roman battles out with fists and a headbutt! Kofi slides around again and trips up Reigns, then entices the crowd with clapping. He climbs the turnbuckle and dives with an axe handle smash, then covers for a near-fall!

Kofi grips on an armlock, but Reigns reverses into a backdrop/one-arm slam combo! Reigns slugs away with a couple more clotheslines, then a running/jumping forearm! He sets Kofi up for a powerbomb, but Kofi hammers away as he is on Reigns’ shoulders. He tries a sunset-flip-pin too, but Roman picks him up and puts him in a Samoan Drop position. Kingston elbows out of this, but is punched hard! Reigns clotheslines Kofi ten times in the corner, then tossed to the opposite! Roman follows with a run but is met with a boot. Kofi tries a springboard attack, but Reigns ducks and rolls Kingston for two, then picks him up in a sit-down powerbomb! 1 – 2 – Kofi still kicks out!

Reigns gears up for the Superman Punch, but Big E. hops on the apron. Roman hits him instead, then Spears Kofi and covers to get the victory!

Winner via Pinfall and Advancing: Roman Reigns

Segment #2: Backstage Promo

The Miz is with a few people to show off his skills at playing WWE 2K16, particularly using “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Later tonight, the other Qualifying Matches are Neville/Del Rio, Big E./Ziggler, and Cesaro/Owens!


Match #2: Single to Qualify for the Fatal-4-Way – Cesaro VS. Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens (Non-Title)

Before the contest, a video of Owens is shown, where he says he will be both the Intercontinental Champion and WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

They lockup and Kevin rolls Cesaro for a one-count. Kevin gets distracted by the outside, allowing Cesaro to roll him up twice for quick counts, but no fall. They then engage in a back-and-forth of pin combinations, getting numerous twos. They fight on the outside, then Owens begins to dominate back in the ring.

He works over Cesaro with kicks and punches, then yells “and that’s why I’m the champ,” and screams at Cole too. He goes for a suplex, but Cesaro reverses it into one of his own and stalls for a bit. He covers, but only gets two!

Kevin rolls to the outside, then drags Cesaro with him. They fight at ringside and double-clothesline each other as the referee is up to three on the count; both just get back in to save themselves!


Cesaro is now giving Owens a few uppercuts, then runs at him with more uppercuts in the corner; he also hits a running dropkick from the ropes, which sends Kevin rolling to the outside again. Cesaro follows up with another against the corner of the barricade, then puts Owens back in the ring. He goes to the top turnbuckle, but Kevin escapes again.

Cesaro runs from one apron to another, then dives on Owens with a somersault! He climbs the turnbuckle and soars with a crossbody for a near-fall! He tries the Cesaro Swing, but Owens reverses into a backslide, but Cesaro flips out of that. Owens catches him and drives Cesaro to the canvas with a DDT, but still only gets two!

Owens whips Ceasro off the ropes, but stalls and allows Cesaro to springboard off the middle rope with a twisting back-elbow! He trips up Kevin into a Swing position, but Owens holds on to the ropes. Owens uses them to his advantage, and as Cesaro argued with the referee, Kevin kicks him in the head and drops him with the Pop-Up Powerbomb, then receives the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winner via Pinfall and Advancing: Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens

Segment #3: Backstage Promo

Paige is talking on her phone while Becky Lynch and Divas Champion Charlotte are standing in front of her. Paige continues to promote herself and her appearance on Conan O’Brien. She switches her tune to sucking up to Charlotte, but Charlotte is still sceptical. She is thankful for Paige celebrating at Hell In A Cell with her, but warns Paige that “there will be consequences” if Paige attacked Natalya. Charlotte asks Becky if Paige


Match #3: Six-Women Tag-Team – Team Bella (Brie and Nikki Bella, and Alicia Fox) VS. Team P.C.B. (Paige, Divas Champion Charlotte, and Becky Lynch)

Nikki and Paige start out with a couple elbow-collar tie-ups. Paige gives Nikki a Japanese Armdrag then sweeps her up. She runs at Nikki in the corner with double-knees, then hits her in the face with a running single-knee. Bella counters with a spinebuster, then knocks Charlotte off the apron. Alicia tags in, but is soon kicked and headbutted.

Charlotte is now in and gives Fox a neckbreaker and knee drop. Alicia counters a run with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, then switches with Brie after she couldn’t get the complete cover. They both slam Charlotte hard to the mat, then Brie stomps on Charlotte against the bottom rope. Brie wears her down with an arm submission, then kicks away like Daniel Bryan onto Charlotte’s stomach and chest.

The Divas Champ ducks a spinning kick and yanks her down with a botched-neckbreaker. She crawls to the tag and stretches to Becky, who cleans house on Nikki. She brings the former longest-reigning Divas Champ out of the corner with a 3-Handle Credenza suplex, and then this breaks down with all members getting involved.

It is down to Lynch and Nikki, with Bella dropping Becky with the Rack Attack (Torture Rack Drop Buster) to finish this one!

Winners via Pinfall: Team Bella

Post-match, as Charlotte is checking on Lynch, Paige suddenly attacks Charlotte, planting her with the Ram-Paige DDT. She does the same to Becky, then locks Charlotte in the PTO

Up next, recap of The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar’s Hell In A Cell match will be shown.


Segment #4: Video Promo

Still images of Lesnar/’Taker are played.

Segment #5: Backstage Promo

Rene Young is with Zeb Colter and United States Champion Alberto Del Rio. Colter states that he aligned with Del Rio because he wanted to mend relationships and show that people with different views can work together for a common good. Del Rio says he will become WWE World Heavyweight Champion once again.


Match #4: Single to Qualify for the Fatal-4-Way – Neville VS. United States Champion Alberto Del Rio (with Zeb Colter) (Non-Title)

They lockup and Neville shoots Alberto off the ropes, but Del Rio hits back with a shoulder-block. They measure each other, then Alberto kicks and slaps Neville around. He chucks him to the floor, then waits as they face off again. Another elbow-collar tie-up ensues, but Del Rio gets aggressive with kicks and punches. He puts Neville to the mat with an armlock, but Neville gets out of it and kicks Alberto, then dives over him and brings him down with a bulldog! Neville rockets from the top turnbuckle with a crossbody. He goes for another high-risk move, but Alberto rolls to the outside to regain himself.


Del Rio is working over Neville now with a face-stretch lock, gripping inside of Neville’s mouth. Neville counters with a couple of punches and a kick, but is spun around with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a near-fall! Alberto continues to control this bout until he whips Neville. “The Man That Gravity Forgot” slides under Alberto and then kicks him hard a few times.

Del Rio goes to the outside, but Neville follows with a twisting plancha! In the ring, he turns out of another Tilt-A-Whirl backbreaker into a hurricanrana-pin for two! Neville goes to the apron, where Alberto runs at him with an Enziguri. Neville falls into the ring, but manages to get his shoulder up before three! Del Rio tries the Cross Armbreaker, but Neville reverses into a pin combo for a near-fall! Alberto responds with a vicious clothesline, He then jumps on Neville’s back with a kick, but misses a running slide-through.

Neville takes advantage and climbs the turnbuckle, but Del Rio trips him up. Neville is hanging upside down on the turnbuckle when Alberto climbs it and jumps off with a double-foot stomp, completing this contest!

Winner via Pinfall and Advancing: United States Champion Alberto Del Rio

Up next, The Dudleyz and Ryback will meet Barrett, Rusev, and Sheamus.


Match #5: Six-Man Tag-Team – Ryback and The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) VS. Rusev, King Barrett, and Sheamus

The teams brawl to begin, then it squares down to D-Von and Sheamus to get going. D-Von flapjacks Sheamus, but Barrett distracts him as he was climbing the turnbuckle, which allowed Sheamus to give him a rolling fireman’s carry. Rusev in and punishes D-Von, as does Barrett for a while.

Rusev clotheslines Bubba off the apron, but D-Von replies with one of his own then makes the hot-tag to Ryback. “The Big Guy” cleans up on Barrett, and gives a hard shot to Sheamus that knocks him off the apron. Barrett is tossed into Bubba, who one-arm slams him, then “The Brothers” backdrop/neckbreaker combo Sheamus.

Ryback, D-Von, and Ray all wind up with Meathook Clotheslines, then triple-team Barrett with the “What’s Up” Diving Headbutt. Bubba conducts Ryback and D-Von to get the tables, but Sheamus distracts him in the ring and Barrett takes advantage with a roll-up for the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winners via Pinfall: Rusev, King Barrett, and Sheamus


Segment #6: Arena Promo

Bray Wyatt is sitting in his rocking chair in the ring; the lights are dimmed. “25 years, The Undertaker has walked among ‘the darkness’ and ‘the light.’ He had no equal; they all feared him. Grown men would tremble at just the sound of his name. But last night, the apocalypse showed its face. Destruction, desolation, vengeance, and fear rode in and with him they carried out the soul of ‘the mighty’ Undertaker. And can you feel it? Can feel that? That wicked, wicked, horrible feeling is in the air tonight. Can you feel it? Last night was war; red-horse of the apocalypse, Hell In A Cell type of war. And I just want to make something very, very apparently clear tonight. Roman Reigns, understand, that one day, you and I will dance again. But not until I am properly revitalized. And that’s why, last night, the demise of The Undertaker has become my ‘resurrection.’ And believe me, you can’t understand,; once you’ve had a taste of that kind of power, man, it consumes you, it becomes you. there is no turning back; you are now addicted. And that is why, right now, as I am speaking, I am feasting on the soul o The Undertaker, and I want more. I have to have more, I need more! And I will not stop until there is nothing left of The Undertaker; until he is just a distant memory, forgotten and lost; bones on the ground as I ascend to my throne. Right now, somewhere, The Undertaker’s soul is being ripped to shreds; desecrated piece by piece, and bit by bloody bit. So tonight, I would like to ask something of you. I would like to ask everyone in this entire arena and bow their heads. I would like to ask everyone that is watching at home to place their hand on their television set. And tonight, I would like you to share a ‘moment of silence’ with me for the man who has lost his soul…to me. ‘Rest…in…peace.’”

As Bray bows his head, corner pyro blows and out marches “The Demon” Kane. Bray looks on, but his video plays and the lights go out. The video plays again and the lights are back on, with the entire Wyatt Family surrounding Kane.

“The Big Red Monster” fends everyone but Bray off for a bit, but The Family come back and lay a beating on Kane then carry him out like Undertaker last night.


Match #6: Single to Qualify for the Fatal-4-Way – Tag-Team Champion Big E. (with Tag-Team Champion and New Day partner Kofi Kingston) VS. Dolph Ziggler

Before this gets underway, Tyler Breeze and Summer Rae make their way to ringside and watch from their own V.I.P. section!

Dolph starts out hot, but Big takes over quickly. He gives Ziggler a shoulder-block and punches him hard, then wears him down with an abdominal stretch. Dolph battles back with kicks and a dropkick, then clotheslines Big over the ropes, and he tumbles too! E. misses a running shoulder, but Kofi gets Dolph’s attention, which gives Big a chance for a clothesline. He takes control back.


Langston is still governing this bout until Dolph hops out of a fall-away slam attempt and locks on a sleeper. Big runs Ziggler into the turnbuckle to break it, then runs at him with a shoulder-ram. He puts another abdominal stretch on, but “The Show Off” counters with a dropkick. He hits a splash in the corner and a neckbreaker, then an elbow for two!

Big stops a superkick and slingshots Dolph over the ropes. He goes and drinks out of Breeze/Summer’s cup, but is planted with a Fameasser in the ring. 1 – 2 – Big gets his shoulder up. Ziggler misses another corner splash and E. responds with one of his own, but also only gets two! Big E. gives props to Kofi, but turns around into a superkick on the apron! 1 – 2 – Big raises his shoulder again! He then tosses Ziggler off, but misses a shoulder-ram! Dolph capitalizes with the Zig-Zag!

Winner via Pinfall and Advancing: Dolph Ziggler

Segment #7: Locker Room Promo

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns are discussing the opportunity that Reigns has. Ambrose reminds Roman how near he was to getting the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He order s him to “go out there and take it.” Reigns tells Dean “I’ve got this.”


Segment #8: Arena Promo

Titus O’Neil is on the lead mike with other superstars and, and women who are affected by cancer. He puts over the Susan G. Komen foundation and whomever donated to the charity for helping.

Segment #9: Backstage Promo

The Miz is still playing as “Stone Cold” and celebrating a win like Steve, when the man himself walks in. The first bit is inaudible, but the gist is Miz selling the game and it’s release date.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins walks out and is going to watch the Fatal-4-Way up close.


Match #7: Fatal-4-Way for the #1 Contender’s Spot to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Dolph Ziggler VS. United States Champion Alberto Del Rio VS. Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens VS. Roman Reigns

Reigns and Alberto fight while Kevin and Dolph go at it. All four take it to the outside and brawl around the ring. Roman and Kevin eventually end up in the ring alone with Owens dominating. On the outside, Del Rio leaps onto Ziggler from the barrier, then he and Kevin double-team Reigns. They whip him to the ropes, but Roman hits back with a kick and punch, then backdrops Del Rio and suplexes Owens. He also goes for Dolph until Alberto kicks him from behind. Roman counters and clotheslines Del Rio over the ropes, then hits the Drive-By running front-dropkick on Kevin on the apron, and Alberto on the announce table, but then runs into a superkick by Dolph!


Kevin and Alberto are working on Dolph now while Roman is laid out on the floor. Owens goes over and stomps on Roman, then joins Del Rio back in the ring. They now fight back-and-forth, and Del Rio kicks Owens hard, but Kevin rolls to the outside. Alberto turns around into a Samoan Drop by Reigns, who then clotheslines Del Rio and punches him; Dolph tries to catch Roman with the Zig-Zag, and now the two face off! They hit at each other, then Dolph drives Roman to the mat with the leaping-DDT! 1 – 2 – Reigns gets his shoulder up! Dolph attempts a Fameasser, but Roman holds him up and drops him with a sit-down powerbomb! 1 – 2 – Dolph kicks out!

Reigns gears up and hits the Superman Punch, but Alberto slides in, chucks Roman out, and covers Dolph. 1 – 2 – Dolph still gets his shoulder up! Owens now in, but Del Rio knocks him off with a running enziguri. He tries on Dolph, but Ziggler ducks and brings him down with the Fameasser! 1 – 2 – Del Rio raises his shoulder!

“The Show Off” crawls over, but is tossed in the air and clotheslined! Del Rio still doesn’t get the count, and climbs the turnbuckle. Dolph crotches him with the ropes, then Owens slides in and drags Dolph back. Reigns flies in with the Superman Punch on Del Rio, then Dolph hits another superkick on Reigns! Owens German-Suplexes Dolph from behind and then runs at both him and Alberto with a cannonball!

Roman and Owens are left to square off; Kevin kicks Roman in the head and whips him off the ropes, but Roman jumps out of the Pop-Up Powerbomb and hits a Superman Punch! He follows with a roar and The Spear, then covers and receives the victory!

Winner and #1 Contender to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Roman Reigns

Post-match, Roman celebrates then faces off with Seth. He pats the WWE World Heavyweight Title then walks away as Rollins glares to close the show.

End Of Raw.

This was a fantastic Raw! The wrestling was awesome, most of the promos were good, and the setup for Survivor Series has seemingly started already, which is beautiful! Onto the analysis:

Excellence: all the matches, even the Six-Man, were wrestled really well tonight and kept me entertained. Even though I was honestly hoping for Kane to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship for one last run, I’m quite glad Roman Reigns is back in the main-event title picture, and that the fans have taken to him again.

Alberto Del Rio returning was a huge surprise, and right now, he looks and is being received better-than-ever!

I’m glad Paige is back to full-on-heel, but she needs to be much meaner than her last “bad girl” run; and stay a heel for a long while.

Bogus: The Miz – he is much better than the role he was placed in tonight, especially since part of his interaction with Steve was botched due to sound problems. He should be featured much better as we go on to Survivor Series.

I’m not quite sure about Bray feuding again with The Undertaker; I also originally thought that ‘Taker/Lesnar would go into a non-finish and have the absolute final match at Survivor Series, but as the Hell In A Cell went on, I was rooting for Undertaker to win and be in a very high-profile match at his anniversary show. (Perhaps one last “Brother” VS. “Brother” bout for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?) The only positive I can see is a “Classic” Survivor Series match, pitting the Wyatt Family against ‘Taker, Kane, Sting?, and ….this would also be appropriate as Undertaker debuted in this match back in 1990.

All-in-all, a pretty superb Raw, so let’s hope they keep it going! Until Smackdown!, Be Excellent Wrestling-Online Readers and Fans!

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