MLB Advanced Media says Network demand exceeded anything in their history


MLB Advanced Media, the company behind the infrastructure of the WWE Network, restarted processing orders yesterday around 5PM after their systems were unable to handle the load of subscribers on launch day.

WWE quickly shifted the blame to MLBAM in a post on their Twitter and Facebook after fans used social media to voice their displeasure about the sign-up fiasco, with some people comparing it to the Obamacare website.

MLB Advanced Media said that the demand as soon as 9AM EST hit exceeded anything that the company had seen in its history and due to that their e-commerce processing system came to a screeching halt.

Users who signed up through their Apple TV and used their iTunes account to pay for the WWE Network had a better experience however there were issues with streaming as well. The real test of how powerful the MLBAM infrastructure behind the Network will be on Sunday, April 6, when WWE presents its first pay-per-view on the new Network, WrestleMania XXX!

While day one was frustrating for both customers and WWE, the news should be good for the company since it means the interest is certainly there.