Miz vs Bryan announced for SummerSlam 2018


SummerSlam got one of its biggest matches of the card as The Miz accepted Daniel Bryan’s challenge for a one-on-one encounter. The Miz has been refusing the challenge but yesterday accepted it in a video posted on WWE.COM.

The two go back several years, dating back to the first season of NXT where Miz was Daniel Bryan’s pro. Their real-life feud escalated big time when Bryan was the Smackdown GM and on an episode of Talking Smack where Miz was a guest, Bryan ended up walking off set after Miz hit a few buttons. Months after the segment, Miz said that he was angry that he wasn’t given a spot on the Smackdown broadcast as IC champion and vented his frustrations on Talking Smack. Bryan didn’t help things when he told him how he really feels about him, which eventually led to Miz unloading on Bryan.

Both have been teasing going at each other since Bryan was cleared to return to the ring but creative pretty much kept them apart until a few weeks ago.

This is the 11th match on the SummerSlam card and the second match which has no titles involved.