Mixed Match Challenge season 2 week 9 results and notes


Week nine of season two of Mixed Match Challenge saw two teams losing their perfect undefeated record as the only four teams with a 3-0 record went against each other.

In the first match of the show, the team of Braun Strowman and Ember Moon defeated Bobby Lashley and Mickie James and in the second match, Jeff Hardy replaced AJ Styles to team up with Charlotte Flair and defeated The Miz and Asuka.

This was the first defeat for The Miz and Asuka on the show dating back to season one where they were the eventual winners. Strowman/Moon and Styles/Flair move to a 4-0 record while Lashley/James and Miz/Asuka go to 3-1. AJ Styles will return for his next match on MMC so this was only a one-time thing with Jeff Hardy.

While this week it was the battle of the undefeated teams, next week it is the battle of the always-defeated teams. Bobby Roode and Natalya will face Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox and Rusev and Lana take on R-Truth and Carmella. All four teams have a 0-3 record and it looks like whoever loses in those two matches will be eliminated.