Mike Kanellis and Matt Hardy take a dig at former employer over late payments


WWE Superstars Mike Kanellis and Matt Hardy took a dig on their former employer on Twitter yesterday when someone pointed out to Kanellis that he was a joke at Impact Wrestling and still is a joke in WWE. “Funny how things stay the same,” Twitter user Michael Saxe wrote.

Kanellis saw the funny side of it and instead being all angry about the comment, tweeted back, “Except I get paid now,” along with four $ emojis.

The reply was met with another reply from Matt Hardy, whose current battle against Anthem is not a secret to anyone. “It is truly DELIGHTFUL to get your check every week, on time, without having to chase it down for months,” Hardy wrote. “One might even say it’s….. WONDERFUL,” Mike wrote back.

The issue over late payments, or no payments at all, has been well documented over the past several months, and even years, as the old TNA management had cash flow problems which often resulted in talent and crew not being paid on time.