Mike and Maria Kanellis debut on 205 Live tonight


205 Live will be feeling the power of love as Mike and Maria Kanellis will be debuting on the Cruiserweight brand in an episode that will air tonight on the WWE Network.

Maria has been off WWE television for a year apart from a quick appearance during the Raw 25th anniversary episode in January due to her pregnancy. She gave birth to a baby girl in April and has since resumed training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Her husband Mike has mostly been appearing on Main Event and has been kept off Raw.

The two didn’t spend much time on TV since their arrival last year, with Maria getting pregnant just weeks after making her return and Mike having problems with his drug addiction which since then he seems to have overcome.

With the return of Mixed Match Challenge, 205 Live has been taped prior to Smackdown and airs the next day on the Network rather than immediately following Smackdown.