McMahon says it was his call not to sign deal for traditional distribution of Network


Speaking with the Los Angeles Times, WWE Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Vince McMahon said that it was his call not to sign a deal for a traditional distribution of the WWE Network.

McMahon said that the company already had deals in place with major distributors but their terms were too restrictive and at the end of the day it would have generated 20 cents per subscriber per month for WWE.

“I said, much to the chargin of my staff, I’m not going to sign it,” McMahon told the LA Times.

The Chairman and CEO said that it will take a million subscribers to break even but is confident in the WWE fans as they are “early adopters of new technologies.”

Michelle Wilson, WWE’s Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer said that going with over-the-top service and technology gives the company better control of their own destiny and better user interface.

“We think this is the future,” Wilson said.