McMahon appoints Raw and Smackdown commissioners, GMs next week


WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon returned to Raw last night and appointed Shane McMahon as the new commissioner of Smackdown. His sister Stephanie will be the commissioner of Monday Night Raw.

Although they are now “commissioners,” McMahon instructed both of them to appoint a General Manager of each show next week and if they don’t he will be making the decision for them. Next week’s Raw is the last one with the whole roster together as from the day after, the brand will be split on the first episode of the live Smackdown.

The segment with all this went down at the end of the three hour broadcast and Stephanie put the exclamation point with one of her WWE-famous slaps with her brother on the receiving end. She then allowed Shane to return the favor but instead of slapping her, Shane kissed her on the cheek. In a hilarious – and not planned – moment she then nearly fell after she slipped coming down the ring steps. Oops!