Mauro Ranallo misses Smackdown tapings due to illness


Smackdown lead commentator Mauro Ranallo did not call yesterday’s Smackdown tapings and was replaced by Michael Cole for the show.

Ranallo was actually at the arena and ready to call the show as usual however he was sick, sick enough that WWE officials decided to pull him out and send him back home, letting Cole handle the play-by-play.

“I appreciate the concern. I was sent home from Smackdown taping suffering from the flu. Still in bed but getting better. THANKS,” wrote Ranallo on Twitter.

The Canadian sports announcer – who does MMA and boxing commentary as well for Showtime – has been the lead voice for Smackdown since the show moved to USA Network in early January. His work has received rave reviews from fans who consider him a breath of fresh air compared to the usual WWE announcers.