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Mark Henry discusses what Hulk Hogan needs to do to win him back


Speaking to Heavy.com, WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry said he’s still not forgiven Hulk Hogan for what he said and he won’t accept him until he does everything he told Hogan he needs to do.

“I wasn’t going to roll out the red carpet and start going to have dinner with him if he wasn’t willing to do all the sh*t that I said he needed to do,” Henry explained.

Henry was one of the many African American Superstars who attended Hogan’s speech backstage at Extreme Rules earlier this year where he was brought in to apologize for his racist remarks.

“To start, he needs to go to some of these black universities, to these law students and let them grill him and own it and apologize,” said Henry, who has since spoken to Hulk in private.

“Not because you got caught, but apologize because you honestly feel remorse. He said that he found God and he touched my heart when he said that, because I know what God will do, so if God touched him, God will also say speak up, and when you reveal your past, you can go on in the future and I still don’t think he’s still completely revealed it.”

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