Mainstream media covers Jon Stewart’s appearance on Raw


Jon Stewart’s appearance on WWE’s Monday Night Raw was very well received and his name was trending worldwide on Twitter well after the show was over. WWE got some free publicity as well as several media websites covered Stewart’s angle with Seth Rollins.

Entertainment Weekly, ABC, Fox Sports, Huffington Post, TMZ, Maxim, CBS, Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, and many other major outlets all wrote a piece about Stewart and his Raw appearance.

Stewart cut a good promo on Rollins and even gave him a low blow to escape after Randy Orton distracted Rollins. While WWE had their fair share of celebrity guest hosts over the years, Stewart is truly a big WWE and wrestling fan and it was evident while delivering his promo, showing that he knew what he was saying rather  than just delivering what he had on the script.

Randy Orton wrote on Twitter that he thought Stewart “was awesome” on the show. “I think he killed it… hope to have him back,” he wrote. Meanwhile WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley wrote that Stewart did a great job and that “the guy knows his WWE stuff.”