Long time WWE creative employee Brian Gewirtz relieved from his RAW duties


PWInsider.com is reporting that Brian Gewirtz, the lead creative individual for Monday Night RAW was sent packing yesterday just before the show.

WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon was not in a good mood after last week’s disastrous rating and told the creative team that they will go unless things start to turn out better, and started the slayings by removing the top guy who took the blame for everything.

Brian Gewirtz, who held the title of Senior Vice President of Creative Writing, has been working for the company since 1998 and is often credited with writing most of The Rock’s material among other things. While he was not the man who wrote the bulk of RAW – that individual is David Kapoor, the man better known as Ranjin Singh – Gewirtz was the one who oversaw the process before handing the scripts to the McMahons.

Eric Pankowski, who joined WWE in February of this year as Senior Vice President, Creative and Development, is taking Gewirtz’ hot seat.