Home WWE Logan Paul gets his bloodline as backup for Crown Jewel: Jake Paul

Logan Paul gets his bloodline as backup for Crown Jewel: Jake Paul


Jake Paul, fresh off his boxing win against UFC legend “Spiderman” Anderson Silva, is in Saudi Arabia and will be in his brother’s corner for his match against Roman Reigns tomorrow at Crown Jewel.

Jake appeared at the WWE press conference held today in Riyadh to promote tomorrow’s show.

“As smart as you are, and as great as you are, I think there’s one thing you forgot about me. The Tribal Chief ain’t the only one with the Bloodline,” Paul said.

As Michael Cole questioned if Paul got some backup with him, Logan said that the word backup is an understatement, and introduced his undefeated boxer brother, Jake.

“My brother will do the unthinkable and defeat Roman Reigns,” Jake said, as he reminded Paul Heyman that he “exterminated the spider” and that’s what his brother will do tomorrow.

Heyman then took over and introduced the Bloodline himself, as Jey, Jimmy, and Solo came out. Sami Zayn is not in Saudi Arabia and never attended any of these shows.

The fans chanted “We want Sami” but after cheering for Logan, Reigns got the mic and told the crowd that they didn’t deserve Sami after what they did today.

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