Little boy goes nuts after getting WWE 2K15 instead of 2K16 for Christmas!


A prank on a little boy who was “bad all year” involving a WWE-related Christmas gift went viral after it was caught on video.

The video shows the boy opening up his Christmas gift but instead of finding the new WWE video game WWE 2K16, he received WWE 2K15. The boy immediately showed his frustration, first questioning why he got the previous version and then blurting out “what the …..?” The person shooting the video can be heard saying “It was out of stock,” and then the video stopped.

Twitter user Maya Duarte posted the video and said that the prank was due to her brother being on bad behavior all year long. She then said that he got “whooped” for reacting that way. The WWE 2K Twitter account then reached out to help and hopefully give him the new version!

You can see the video below.