Lio Rush gets married in Las Vegas


205 Live star and Lashley’s sidekick Lio Rush tied the knot in Las Vegas yesterday, marrying Sarah Lai Wah Green.

The 24-year-old, who is a father of two boys, wrote on Instagram that there was a time where he was all alone, cold, and with no hope. He said that he didn’t even consider falling in love with someone because putting his heart into someone else hands “might as well should have been considered committing suicide.”

Rush then met Sarah, who said made him change it all. “A woman that made me believe. A woman that made me want to put all of the those negative beliefs to rest and just be free. A woman that made me not afraid to get down on one knee asking her to marry me.”

And when things couldn’t get better…as the two drove away from their wedding, they spotted former WWE Superstar D’Lo Brown behind them so obviously they stopped him and took a few photos with him as well!

On Twitter, Rush posted one of the photos and wrote, “When you’re driving around Vegas after just getting married and see @dlobrown75 in your rear view. Pulled him over and he says “Lio Rush? You’re the dude with that dope frogsplash” As I say …”No you’re the dude that inspired my dope frogsplash!”