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Lilian Garcia leaving WWE


Raw ring announcer Lilian Garcia announced in a post on Instagram that she is leaving the WWE to take care of her father who is suffering from two different types of cancer.

Garcia missed last week’s Raw because the family had to get the results from the hospital and she revealed that her dad isn’t doing as well as they hoped. “Therefore, I will not be traveling weekly with WWE any longer. I will be looking to take on work closer to where I live so that I don’t have to be on the road weekly away from him. He truly needs me, and I need this time with him. I ask that you please continue prayers for my father and my family,” she wrote.

Garcia thanked the WWE fans for her “magical 15-year career” and also thanked the WWE Superstars who she called “an incredible group of people.” She said it was an honor to introduce all of them to the ring and watch their superior athleticism week after week. Garcia also had a thank you to the crew and production staff who “are the glue that keeps it all together.”

Before signing off, Garcia thanked WWE for the incredible ride, noting that she never wanted to get off. “I thank you for not only allowing me to use my voice as an announcer but also sharing it to sing around the world. What an honor! I will cherish the memories forever.”

The 49 year old started working for WWE in 1999 as the announcer for Raw and held on to her job until 2009. She eventually returned to the WWE in 2011 as a ring announcer for Smackdown and in 2014 she replaced Justin Roberts, returning on Raw.