LeBron James asks for a WWE title, Cena and Rock reply with offers


NBA Superstar LeBron James put up a notice on his Twitter asking his followers where he can get a real WWE belt.

“Who do i need to talk to to get one of those World Championship Belt? WWE belt. The real ones,” James tweeted yesterday to his almost 11 million followers.

Two former WWE champions replied to James – John Cena and The Rock!

“Hey LeBron James this is WWE Superstar John Cena,” said Cena in a Tout video addressed to James. “It’s cold, I’m in the middle of nowhere but I can still get you a WWE championship. Tweet me back and I’ll handle it,” the former 14 time Heavyweight champion said.

The Rock was a bit more straight forward with a simple tweet. “Got your back. I’ll take care of it tomorrow and hit ya back off line. Done,” Rock wrote.