“Ladies first” gesture landed Titus O’Neil’s suspension


The suspension of Titus O’Neil is still the talk of the pro wrestling world with many failing to understand why such drastic action was taken for a gesture that had zero bad intentions behind it.

Ryan Satin of ProWrestlingSheet.com is reporting that according sources who are knowledgeable of the situation, O’Neil spoke with management following the incident and he told them that he was only trying to allow Stephanie McMahon to walk back first, using the ladies first logic.

O’Neil also said that he told McMahon “ladies first” when he grabbed his arm, a gesture that McMahon did not appreciate and then turned around and pushed the former tag team champion in front of his peers.

Titus was handed a 90 day suspension by WWE the next night for unprofessional conduct and then the next day WWE knocked off 30 days, so he will now serve a 60 day suspension but still missing WrestleMania.