Kurt Angle’s big reveal is Jason Jordan…as his son!


The big Kurt Angle reveal turned out to be not an affair…but another son whose name is Jason Jordan!

After several weeks of hype, Kurt Angle revealed on Raw that when he was in college, he had a relationship with a woman who gave birth to a baby boy after they broke up. Angle said that he did not know of the pregnancy and eventual birth until recently and that Jordan was then adopted by another family.

The reveal brought to a close an angle that had many wondering who the person might be, with suggestions mainly being an affair with the likes of Stephanie McMahon, Dixie Carter, and others. Interestingly enough, no one guessed the outcome of the storyline, a storyline which WWE did well to keep under wraps.

Jordan has been absent from WWE television for quite a while and his now former tag team partner Chad Gable has been wrestling as a single on Smackdown. Jason Jordan, a former NXT and WWE Smackdown Tag Team title holder, has now moved permanently to Raw, ending the American Alpha tag team.