Kurt Angle named new Raw General Manager


Kurt Angle was announced as the new General Manager of Monday Night Raw by Vince McMahon and the crowd welcomed the new sheriff in town with open arms and “you suck” chants.

Before Angle came out, there was a tease as Vince said that this new GM has just been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame…and out came Teddy Long. The crowd first booed and then cheered when Vince yelled at him to stop dancing and letting him know that he wasn’t the one he was referring to. Long said, “my bad” and walked to the back, with the crowd appreciating the humor.

Then Vince introduced the new GM, who didn’t come out. He then re-did the intro, this time saying the new GM of Raw. But still no one came out. Then McMahon said that this guy is a prima donna and hopes he didn’t make a mistake by hiring him, finally announcing his name before Angle came out to a monster pop.

Kurt Angle replaces Mick Foley who was fired by Stephanie McMahon two weeks ago after 9 months on the job.