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Keith Lee shares personal story of a female spiking his drink at a bar


NXT North American champion Keith Lee, who has been super supportive to those who have been #SpeakingOut, shared a personal story to show that even men have been targets of abuse, including himself.

“Not out of spite. Not because I want to cause anyone harm. Not out of hate or anger. I simply want you to know… #YouAreNotAlone,” Lee wrote in a message on social media.

Lee wrote that he noticed how much courage it takes for victims to share their stories and was willing to share a personal story which very, very few know. Lee said that while living in Texas somewhere between 2016 and 2017, he went to a bar where he would sometimes visit and sing at.

“Eventually I got to sing a song. Afterward, a young lady asked to sit with me. I was alone so I did not mind and welcomed her. We went on to talk about the beauty of music and books. Random philosophies on life. It truly was a pleasant conversation. I am often told I am …. oblivious …. when someone is interested in me,” Lee said.

Lee noted that he did not realize of the interest until she blatantly expressed it and he declined as he was taken at the time. Saying she was disappointed but still pleasant, the female continued to make passes throughout the night, telling him all that she wanted to do with him.

“I politely declined and explained I enjoyed the company, but that chat could not continue. I then offered to buy her a drink as an apology before I headed to the restroom. She declined and said that she’d buy me one because she enjoyed my song so much, that I could go ahead for the bathroom. I expressed gratitude and went to put in a song before heading for the restroom,” he continued.

Lee said that when he returned from the restroom, there were drinks waiting for him and offered to help her sing karaoke.

“Unfortunately…it’s right around here things become extremely fuzzy for me. No matter how much I rack my brain, all I find myself able to recall is struggling to make it to the stage…and stumbling toward a car. After that I recall waking up naked in a hotel room (I don’t even recall if it was my own room), confused and in a panic. I was fortunate enough to have my essentials such as wallet and phone. But…who knows what all I lost,” Lee said.

To this day, he doesn’t know what happened and tried to forget about it ever since. “But I tell this story, so people understand. Anyone can be a victim. ANYONE. It is why I randomly stopped drinking. And why it remains such a rarity to this day.”