Kane makes surprise return on Monday Night Raw


The Big Red Machine Kane returned on WWE television last night on Monday Night Raw and helped Braun Strowman defeat Roman Reigns in a steel cage match.

In true Kane fashion, he popped out from the ring after Reigns speared Strowman, then delivered two chokeslams to the former WWE champion.

The Strowman win means that the odds of The Shield winning at TLC just diminished more as the stipulation was that if he wins, the heels would get to add another member to their 4-man team. And that person is now Kane, who will be joining Strowman, The Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro in a 5-on-3 handicap TLC match.

Kane has been out of action since December 2016 and has not appeared on WWE television ever since. The man behind the mask is busy at the moment working on his political campaign as he is running for the Knox County mayor job in 2018.

You can see the video below.