Jonathan Coachman returns to WWE as commentator for Monday Night Raw


Former ESPN SportsCenter anchor Jonathan Coachman has returned to WWE and will be joining the Raw commentary team, replacing Booker T.

Coachman, who worked for WWE between 1999 and 2006, was released from ESPN along with tons of other employees last year after a decade with the Disney-owned sports network.

“Worlds collide. Anything is possible. When you do the right things and believe in each other you can do great things. This has been my vision for years and today it finally happened. WWE Universe I am privileged to be back. And it feels amazing to come back home. Philly tonight,” Coach wrote on Twitter.

He was also instrumental in getting ESPN to cover WWE on its website and network, a partnership which is going strong as evident yesterday with the Ronda Rousey exclusive.

The Coach will return to his commentary role starting tonight. Booker T will go back to his PPV panel duties and continue as a WWE ambassador. Booker T’s role was supposed to be short, replacing David Otunga while he was filming a movie, but that role turned into a quasi permanent job on Raw.