Jonathan Coachman denies rumors that WWE is paying for SportsCenter segment


Ever since ESPN has announced a partnership with WWE to bring a WWE segment every Tuesday to ESPN SportsCenter, anchor Jonathan Coachman has answered to hundreds of questions regarding the deal on his Twitter account.

Yesterday a fan asked if it was true that WWE is paying for the air time on ESPN SportsCenter, an allegation that Coachman shot down, calling it “absolutely false.” He said that it was his idea “to do for people to simply enjoy what I also enjoy. Again someone assuming.“

Fans has mainly criticized the segments as just promotion for WWE rather than tackling the real news such as injuries, ratings, and other stuff that is usually covered by wrestling websites.

Coach, a former WWE employee, has said that he’s not returning to WWE full time as ESPN is his home and will be for the next 30 years but he is loyal to WWE as well.

ESPN is apparently in the process of adding more WWE stuff to its website and adding more coverage although Coach said that things take time but the segment will evolve into something bigger.