Jonathan Coachman claims he won’t be doing anymore WWE reporting for ESPN


ESPN’s Jonathan Coachman has said that he will no longer be involved with the WWE coverage on ESPN after a Twitter row with fans, and Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer, over the lack of reporting in the Mauro Ranallo and JBL story.

Coach got called out for not covering the story by Meltzer, who said that ESPN had chance after chance “to show balls” but this will be “another time they’re showing castration tendencies.” The whole story is over the rumors, or better yet, confirmed reports of John “Bradshaw” Layfield and his bullying tactics which apparently were the cause of Ranallo being absent from television over the past several weeks.

Coach, who is a former WWE announcer himself and big friends with JBL, said that ESPN doesn’t report on rumors for any sport or company. “Reporting on a topic and actual details of a story two different things. Do you know how many this “story” came up at Mania…zero..” Coach tweeted, defending the company he works for.

The former WWE announcer was flooded with tweets from fans, many negative and some positive, saying that sometimes he likes to give the negative 10% and their leader Dave Meltzer something to do. “I put in way to much energy and content to deal with this any further,” he then wrote. “We have incredible vertical website. I am sure they will continue their fantastic coverage. Just not me.”