Jon Stewart fires back at Seth Rollins after diss on Raw


The soon-to-be ex-host of the Daily Show, Jon Stewart, recorded a video message to Seth Rollins who this past Monday on Raw said that he could easily replace him as host on the popular Comedy Central show and actually make the show watchable again.

Stewart, who is a big wrestling fan himself, called Rollins a turncoat for abandoning the Shield and mentioned some mistakes Rollins has made during his career, including being unable to choose what color his hair should be, but dissing him on Raw was the biggest mistake he ever made.

“You just stepped in a world of hurt my friend, a world of friend that not even your buddies at J&J Security aren’t going to be able to save you from,” Stewart said. He said he’s coming after Rollins with “160 pounds of dynamite,” at which point, Stewart pauses and says, “Well not actually dynamite, my bone density is not what it used to be.” The video was posted on WWE’s social media accounts as well on The Daily Show Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Seth Rollins hit back at Stewart again after appearing on TMZ Hollywood Sports and made fun of Stewart, calling him ancient and said probably his writers wrote the promo for him.

“If he thinks he can hang with the best, Mr. Money In The Bank will be waiting for him,” Rollins said. The video can be seen below.