John Cena’s shirt with similar design to Pabst Blue Ribbon logo back on sale


It seems that WWE and the Pabst Blue Ribbon beer company has come to an agreement to go ahead with the John Cena t-shirt that was removed from WWE Shop due to the beer company complaining that it was a rip off of their logo.

Last month, Pabst Blue Ribbon tweeted to WWE and Cena that they “have a chokehold called the cease and desist and also posted a middle finger emoji in the tweet. WWE swiftly removed the design from WWE Shop to avoid any legal trouble even though they said there was nothing wrong with it.

Today, the shirt was put back on sale and John Cena himself tweeted a photo sporting the shirt with two thumbs up writing, “You Can’t C(ease and Desist) ME,” tagging the Pabst Blue Ribbon Twitter account in the post.

Pabst hilariously replied to the tweet simply saying, “Cena always kicks out at 2…“