John Cena twerks for Capri Sun commercial


Seems like everyone is picking on Miley Cyrus nowadays because after Hogan spoofed her riding the wrecking ball for a commercial for his new website hosting service, John Cena has been twerking for a completely different commercial.

Appearing on HLN, John Cena showed his commercial for Capri Sun, doing wicked dance moves including twerking at the end. Cena – wearing his Susan G. Komen gear – was all smiles and  said that, “It’s all in the name of good refreshment.”

The commercial is for a competition that puts kids who drink Capri Sun compete against athletes and whoever wins has to do a victory dance, and Cena said that what we all saw was his own victory dance.

The host, A.J. Hammer, asked if there will be any twerking in the ring anytime soon and Cena said after seeing that Hogan commercial, “never say never!”

“Please, not in a thong,” said the host! You can see the clip below.