John Cena surprises super fans at Cricket Wireless hidden camera prank


WWE sponsor Cricket Wireless invited a bunch of John Cena fans for an audition to become ambassadors of a new John Cena store, however what they didn’t know was it was all a hidden camera prank with Cena surprising everyone.

“What would happen if you meet John Cena?” one of the producers asked an unsuspecting fan. “I would probably hyperventilate, then pass out,” she said. Cena, along with two guys with trumpets playing his theme song, came through a John Cena Cricket Wireless banner behind the unsuspecting fans and the result was pretty hilarious.

Both kids and adults freaked out when Cena burst out from the back. Family members who accompanied those who were “auditioning” had no idea either and was pretty ecstatic to see the former WWE champion as well. “To be honest, I was about to cry,” said one little kid.

You can watch the video and a behind the scenes look at how it was done below.