John Cena starts American Grit hosting gig tonight on FOX


John Cena returns to television tonight with his new reality show American Grit on FOX starting at 9PM ET.

16 men and women will be split into four teams with Rorke Denver, Noah Galloway, Tawanda Hanible, and Nicholas Irving serving as their military leads. Denver is a former U.S. Navy Seal, Galloway is a former U.S. Army soldier, Hanible is a former Gunnery Sgt. in the U.S. Marines, and Irving is a former U.S. Army Ranger. Each team will go through grueling challenges and a $1 million prize will be given to the winning team.

FOX has ordered 10 episodes for this season. It was filmed late last year when Cena left following the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view. The show was plugged a lot during last week’s season finale of American Idol and Cena was also there to hype the show in a short interview with Ryan Seacrest.