John Cena returns on TV at the Hall of Fame ceremony


John Cena returned on WWE television during the Hall of Fame ceremony where he inducted Snoop Dogg into the celebrity wing. Cena’s appearance was not advertised and it was his first time on TV since early January.

“When it came time to find someone to induct Snoop Dog, it was a no brainer,” Jerry Lawler said. “We had to find someone with similar background, similar lifestyle, similar habits, and similar physique.”

At that point Cena’s music hit the speakers accompanied by “John Cena sucks” chants. As expected, Cena received the usual welcome – a chorus of boos – from the Hall of Fame crowd. Cena smiled at the reaction however never addressed it. He kept his appearance strictly related to the Hall of Fame.

There are rumors that Cena has been medically cleared and is expected to be part of WrestleMania tomorrow or Raw on Monday.