John Cena receives the Sports Illustrated Muhammad Ali Legacy Award


16-time world champion John Cena received the Sports Illustrated Muhammad Ali Legacy Award yesterday in recognition of his philanthropic efforts.

The ceremony was held at the Beverly Hills Hilton in Los Angeles, California and Cena was there to accept the award in person. In a video recorded after the ceremony, Cena said that it’s an honor to be mentioned in the same sentence as Muhammad Ali and said that he accepted the award on behalf of all WWE Superstars “because I believe if put in my shoes, they would all make the exact same choice.”

Cena added that this might not have happened a few years ago so he’s glad to see the culture change and being a sports entertainer getting this award, calling it a “wonderful night for WWE.”

He said that he is sending the award to the WWE corporate headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut where it can be displayed there and because after all, that’s where it belongs.

The former champ has granted well over 500 wishes for Make-A-Wish kids and on December 20 will host 20 other kids and their families in New York.